Post Office ‘9% plus-cash’ deal goes out to ballot next week

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CWU negotiators will be urging a YES vote to the proposed agreement, which lifts basic pay by 9 per cent across the board and provides lump-sum payments ranging from £1.925k to £3k…

“This is a fair deal in difficult circumstances and couldn’t have been achieved without the solid and steadfast support of our fantastic members,” said CWU acting deputy general secretary postal Andy Furey today, as he announced the Postal Executive’s endorsement of the negotiators’ agreement. The breakthrough came after lengthy talks between the union and senior Post Office leaders and followed a pause in a series of strikes and other forms of industrial action that began last May.

“We’re extremely appreciative of the patience and sustained determination that our members showed through what has been an extremely lengthy dispute and it’s our view that the money now on offer marks a considerable step forward – several steps forward – from what was initially an unacceptable position on the part of the employer.”

Ballot papers will go out to approximately 1,400 Post Office members from early next week and voting closes two weeks’ later (Tuesday 11th April). If members endorse the deal, all CWU-grades will receive a fully consolidated 9 per cent pay increase with effect from 1st April 2023.

Lump-sums ranging from £1,325 to £2,500(pro-rata for part-timers) will also be paid to all CWU-grades, with a further £650 to those with a 2022/23 basic salary below £24k and £500 for those with a 2022/23 basic salary above £24k.

Recipients of Inner London Weighting Allowance will get a further lump sum of £300(prpt), with £219(prpt) for Outer London Weighting Allowance recipients.

Reps say ‘We’re voting YES’

Pictured above: Alan Robertson and Carole Bowmaker

Reacting to the news this morning, CWU Post Office Supply Chain Northern Area Rep Alan Robertson said: “It looks like a very good deal – it’s been a long time coming, but it’s definitely come on a lot further than what we were first offered.”

And Alan had no doubt as to the reason why the deal was achieved, saying: “It’s down to the membership staying strong and taking solid action – in the strikes and in the action short of strike.  

“For once we’ve got some good news. I will of course be voting YES and urging members to do the same.”

Carole Bowmaker, CWU Post Office Counters Territorial Rep said: “It’s a very good deal and thanks to our brilliant members and the solid stance they’ve taken over these difficult past months.

“With our members solid behind them, our excellent negotiators have achieved an agreement which is what our hard-working frontline people deserve. I’ll be voting YES and I’m confident there’ll be a big majority for the deal.”

As well as the headline pay and cash, the negotiators’ agreement also provides for a range of improvements on annual leave, scheduled attendance, family-friendly policies, entry rates in Crowns and night duty allowances.

Summing up, Andy Furey told CWU News: “We’re in no doubt that this is the right deal for our members at this time and we recommend that they vote YES in the forthcoming ballot. Our top priority now is to get this money in our members’ pockets and get back to making the Post Office the big success that it can be going forward, for our members, for the service and for the Great British public.

“Sincere thanks to all of our members and reps as well and to the Postal Executive.”

Full details of the Post Office deal can be read here