Plans to cut off nurseries to London key workers’ kids is “unfair and unnecessary”, CWU say


Monday 8th February 2021

Over 1,000 people have urged Royal Mail in north London to halt “unfair and unnecessary” plans to shut down a workers’ nursery service.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) petition has called for Royal Mail management at Mount Pleasant, north London to rethink their decision to close their Kiddycare Childsplay Nursery next month.

The nursery, which has capacity for 30 children, has offered subsidised childcare to postal workers at Mount Pleasant for more than two decades.

Across the community, it is widely considered to be an asset, particularly to young female workers who closely rely on the service.

During the pandemic, the children of other key workers have also been brought into the nursery while their parents are fighting Covid-19.

The decision to close the nursery makes it far more likely that key workers will have to make the choice between looking after their children and working their jobs, and only increases the stress on Britain’s overburdened postal workers during a historic crisis.

The campaign to save Kiddycare at Mount Pleasant has been covered by Francesca Newton of Tribune, who has predicted that “the injuries and injustices of the last year – which have landed disproportionately on the shoulders of key workers and women – may well push the public to show more support than ever.”

Similarly, Calum Fraser of the Islington Tribune – the paper that helped run a successful campaign to save the facility in 2011 – has quoted workers describing the negative effects that the “hasty decision” will make.

A CWU spokesperson said: “Over the past year, our members have worked incredibly hard in deeply difficult circumstances.

“For many with young children, playing their part in keeping communities connected would have been simply impossible without facilities like Kiddycare.

“It’s not surprising that these dedicated employees passionately oppose this closure – it is unfair, unnecessary, and puts the children of key workers at risk.

“We urge management to reconsider their plans and recognise the strong feelings from their employees on this issue.”

  • You can sign the petition here.