Pay claim launched for Post Office members

Postal, Post Office (PO)

A 3 per cent pay rise for all, long-overdue pension improvements, enhanced annual leave and consolidation of bonuses into basic pay are among the elements of a claim submitted by the union for our Post Office members.

“It’s our view that the 3 per cent wage increase is more than justified when one considers the excellent financial results (£60 million profit for 2018/19, up £25m from the previous year) delivered by our hard-working members over the past 12 months – a challenging time for all of them, but once again they have provided a top quality service to the British public,” CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey explains.

Consolidating bonuses into basic pensionable pay would provide a longer-term gain for members, while annual leave entitlements should, the union argues, be ‘equalled-up’ for all.

And on the same theme of ‘equalling-up for all’, this year’s claim calls for average pay during periods of annual leave “is something that already applies for part-time staff and we want it across the board for everyone,” continues Andy.

There are two aspects to the union’s claim on pensions, firstly to increase employer contributions to our members’ existing pension scheme and also a proposal for a joint working party to work for the introduction of a collective defined contribution (CDC) pensions scheme, when the relevant legislation is passed.

“Post Office pays a maximum of 11 per cent employer contributions into the current DC pensions scheme and we believe this top level needs to increase to 13 per cent plus the employee contribution of 7 per cent making for a total of 20 per cent, which is in line with current Government guidelines,” Andy points out.

“And the establishment of a CDC pensions scheme – when this passes into law – is CWU Conference policy, bringing our post office members in line with our Royal Mail members.”

The claim was formally approved by the union’s industrial executive yesterday and, following its submission to the business, negotiating meetings are expected to be scheduled later this month and into March, with the CWU expressing the intention to reach a settlement before the implementation date of April 1.