Paragon members urged to accept across the board inflation-plus pay offer

Telecoms & Financial Services

Pay negotiations with Paragon Customer Communications have delivered a ‘final’ offer that, if accepted, will see members on the Santander account receive a fully consolidated 2% increase

The proposed settlement is being “strongly recommended” for acceptance by the union’s National Team in an electronic consultative ballot that will commence on Monday (April 26).

Set against a prevailing RPI inflation rate of 1.4%, the CWU-brokered deal that is on the table represents a real term increase for Paragon members employed in Santander’s mail rooms at Bootle, Carlton Park and Bradford.

For those Paragon employees who are in receipt of a contractual bonus, there will also be an unconsolidated payment of £200 which will be subject to tax and national insurance.

Commending the offer to members, CWU national officer for Sally Bridge said:  “It’s the view of the CWU National Team that this final offer is a fair and reasonable increase that is over the current rate of inflation and compares favourably with median market pay increases.

“At a time of considerable upheaval in the Bank it represents a well-deserved recognition of the contribution made by our Paragon members over a difficult year, and allows us to now concentrate on the wider issues thrown up for the post room employees by the Bank’s unprecedented rationalisation of its property estate.

“The CWU is therefore recommending that Paragon members accept the final offer and will be consulting with the membership accordingly.”

Assuming the deal is ratified by members, the Paragon Customer Communication pay settlement will be backdated to April 1 and paid in May salaries.

  • Members should check their email inboxes for e-ballot papers that will be issued next Monday morning. The consultative ballot will close at 10am on Tuesday May 4, with the result announced shortly afterwards.