Overwhelming ‘YES’ to ISS pay deal worth 8.45% for most

Telecoms & Financial Services

Members across ISS have voted by just over four-to-one to accept an 11-month  pay offer which delivers a fully consolidated rise of 85p-per-hour to well over a thousand housekeepers and security guards working on the outsourced  facilities services provider’s BT contract.

No fewer than 81% of those participating in an electronic consultative ballot which closed yesterday (Tuesday) supported the CWU-brokered deal, which includes two additional weeks of backdated pay.

That’s because although the pay rise effectively became due on May 1, ISS had agreed in talks to retrospectively apply the Real Living Wage (RLW) uplift from April 17 if the deal was ratified by members.

Bringing forward the 2024 pay review date by one calendar month – from May 1 to April 1 – should prevent any future need for the payment of interim increases resulting from the Government’s confusingly renamed ‘National Living Wage’ (the statutory minimum wage) temporarily leapfrogging the RLW.

The 2023 settlement also maintains monetary pay differentials for all supervisor grade employees who sit above the RLW baseline.

Thanking all those who took the time to participate in the ballot, Tracey Fussey told CWU News: “While it remains the CWU’s longer-term aspiration for ISS to move beyond being a RLW employer on the BT contract, there’s no doubt that the increase in minimum pay to £10.90 per hour will provide some welcome respite in the ongoing cost of living crisis.

“The National Team has no doubt whatsoever that the deal we secured is the very best that could be secured through negotiation at this point in time, and it’s gratifying that members heeded our recommendation to accept the company’s ‘final’ offer by such a wide margin.”

Members across ISS are urged to share this story with any of their colleagues who are not currently members of the union. Any team member employee can easily and quickly join the CWU by clicking here.