Overwhelming support for CBRE pay deal

Telecoms & Financial Services

BTFS transferees in CBRE have given their overwhelming endorsement to the first pay deal the CWU has brokered with their new employer.

Members had been urged to accept a performance-related pay deal which delivers an average increase of 2.58 per cent across the CWU-represented bargaining unit when E-ballot papers were issued on Monday June 17. The  result, announced this morning, ratifies the deal by a huge margin, with 84.7 per cent of those casting their vote supporting the settlement.

Full details of the deal can be viewed in Letter to Branches No.352/2019 – but, in summary, the performance-related pay deal results in the overwhelming majority of colleagues who have a ‘good work’ performance rating receiving 2.5 per cent, while ‘brilliant’ performers will receive 3 per cent and those with a ‘work to do’ rating receiving 1.5 per cent.

Customer service advisors at the Doncaster help desk will have their minimum pay uplifted to £18,000 under the proposed settlement – resulting in 34 CSAs receiving an average increase of 4.5 per cent.

The deal also entails the uplifting of the minimum pay of General Technicians (now re-graded ‘Facilities Technicians’ as outlined above) to £19,500, resulting in 51 colleagues receiving average increases of 2.9 per cent.

Thanking members for supporting the deal, which will be paid in July salaries, backdated to June 1, assistant secretary Sally Bridge said: “Due to the complexity of the TUPE, and a number of operational issue we’ve had to deal with since the transfer became effective on April 1, the 2019 pay review was late in starting – but from the very outset of negotiations the CWU impressed on CBRE the overwhelming feedback we’ve had from members that the way the pay review has been dealt with in the past was overly-complicated and confusing.

“The CBRE National Team believes the deal we’ve arrived at has achieved what we set out to do – namely securing a meaningful shift away from the complicated ‘matrix’ system, involving performance-related ‘quartiles’, to a much more simple and straightforward pay increase.

“The settlement provides for above average increases for the vast majority of our members and it was certainly the best that the National Team believed could be achieved by negotiation.

“The vast majority of our members in CBRE have clearly concurred with our assessment – and we thank them for their support.”

See Letter to Branches No.352/2019 here