Our T&FS members elect Karen Rose to succeed Andy Kerr as DGS

Telecoms & Financial Services

Karen Rose will become the deputy general secretary of the CWU’s Telecoms & Financial Services Constituency after Andy Kerr retires from the role next April.

Karen, from Pontypridd in South Wales, has been a member of the union’s T&FS Executive since 2002. She currently chairs the T&FSE and has also served as the union’s president and vice-president.

Speaking to CWU News this afternoon after a busy day chairing the CWU Retired Members Conference, Karen said: “It’s a great honour to be elected as the union’s DGS for nearly 60,000 hard-working telecoms and financial services members.

“We all know things have become more difficult for our members and I certainly don’t underestimate the challenges ahead. But working together, collectively, we can get through anything.”

Current DGS/T&FS Andy Kerr announced recently that he will be retiring from the role after our 2024 Annual Conference next April, after having served in this position since 2008 and he congratulated Karen on today’s news, saying: “Well done Karen and I’m sure she’ll do a great job representing our members. We’ll be working together over the next few months to ensure a good handover.”

Karen praised his record, saying: “Andy has been a superb DGS. He’s been a mentor to me and I’ve learned a great deal from him.”