National Postal Workers Day 2018 – Monday 10th December


Next Monday the whole nation recognises and thanks the 120,000  postmen and postwomen of the UK, who collect, sort, prepare and deliver letters, parcels and packets to every single address in the UK.

From the remote Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the windswept coasts of Northern Ireland to the hills and valleys of Wales, whatever the weather, you never let them down.

From England’s Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Industrial Heartlands to the verdant fields and farms of the West Country and onto London’s hectic Financial Districts – you, the heroes of Royal Mail and the Post Office, serve them all.

Delivering to each and every one of our country’s 30 million addresses, six days a week, 52 weeks a year, come rain, snow or shine – it’s you all, the hard-working Postmen and Postwomen who are the backbone of Britain.

So please, between now and next Monday, if you can, take a photo or a quick video of you (or you and your workmates) on your walk, in your office, mail centre, or vehicle – telling us a little bit about you and where you work – and send to us through Twitter @CWUNews or Facebook or email us – Please use #PostalWorkersDay on your social media posts.

National Postal Workers Day is also often the day when MPs visit their local delivery office, so if they come and visit you, please tell us, tweet us, WhatsApp us

We promise we’ll feature the best, most unusual, most remote, or most interesting…

BE PROUD, BE CWU and celebrate National Postal Workers Day 2018 #PostalWorkersDay