More upheavals at BT Supply Chain as transformation programme continues

Telecoms & Financial Services, BT

Close tabs are being kept on the latest changes that have been unveiled by Supply Chain bosses, with the CWU demanding assurances that every effort will be made to mitigate against potential redundancies that stem from the review of two further teams.

Under proposals announcement by management last week, ten individuals have been placed ‘at risk’ as a result of four proposed job losses within the ‘Final Mile’ and ‘Management Information System’ teams.

The company claims that the changes are necessary on account of  Supply Chain’s “declining operational footprint” following the outsourcing of the formerly in-house warehouse and transport operations to GXO in May last year and the looming intra-BT Group transfer involving ‘Staging  & Configuration’ work that was announced this February.

Under management’s proposals the current nine strong team of Engineering Services Coaches would shrink to six as a result of a national reorganisation of the ‘Final Mile’s regional structure which has itself been triggered a reduction in the number of Forward Stock Locations (FSLs)  serving engineers and the conversion of many FSLs into self-serve ‘Enhanced Collection Points’.

Meanwhile, proposals to rationalise administrative systems support as a result of a combination of systems upgrading and automation has placed one further team member grade employee in the Management Information Systems team at risk.

CWU national officer Tracey Fussey told CWU News: “Following on from the TUPE of 288 team members to GXO last year and the still uncertain impact of the looming transfer of  ‘Staging & Configuration’ work to BT Business on the 32 team members affected, the union is particularly concerned about the further reductions of roles within the retained organisation.

“We acutely understand the concerns that those still in Supply Chain are expressing about future job security – and, as such, we have made it clear we expect the company to be transparent about its future plans and to provide genuine options for those impacted by any changes.

“All members impacted by this latest announcement should make immediate contact with their local CWU reps for support and assistance throughout the consultation process.

“The union’s primary focus now, however, is on seeking to ensure that the company does everything it can to mitigate against any redundancies.”

Any team member employees in Supply Chain who are not currently members of the union can easily and quickly join the CWU by clicking here.