Horizon – keep the pressure on Post Office to win justice for all victims

Postal, Post Office (PO)

Image: John Corry / Shutterstock

Our nation’s biggest-ever miscarriage of justice became one of the biggest headline news stories over this past week, as Sir Wyn Williams’s Inquiry began taking evidence form some of the scandal’s victims…

“There’s an almost unanimous feeling across the UK now that the persons responsible for all this, must be held accountable and face appropriate legal action,” said CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey this morning.

“And now this issue is right in the centre of the public spotlight – we’ve got to keep the pressure on to make sure this happens. There must be no hiding place for them.”

Major articles on TV news, and in the national press gave the public both individual and general overview perspectives of the subject – sparking huge support for the victimised postmasters’ struggle.

And the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Question Time (watch from 42.44) also featured a discussion on the issue.

Commenting on the programme, Andy reflected “it was remarkable to hear every member of the Question Time panel expressing the same viewpoint on the matter in reply to the question from audience member Richard Lee, who asked what we’re all asking: ‘Why hasn’t anybody from the Post Office been made accountable for the jailing of innocent people wrongly accused of theft’?

“I thought the TUC leader Frances O’Grady really hit the nail on the head in her response, when she said: ‘These things get spun out and spun out and often people looking for justice pass away. It seems a deliberate strategy to take as long as possible and it’s so wrong.

“This aspect of the scandal was the subject of one of last week’s press articles, which identified the number of those who have passed away while awaiting justice – perhaps one of the most disgraceful outcomes of the delaying tactics used by those in power.”

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham was also on the Question Time panel and demanded a change to the law – along the lines of the new Hillsborough Law that he has been fighting for – while Conservative MP Jake Berry (Rossendale & Darwen), businessman Juergen Maier and GB News presenter Inaya Folarin Iman also joined in the condemnation of what has happened and the delay to justice.

And of course, investigative journalist Carl Flinders, who has been reporting the Horizon affair for many years now, has written about the level of attention currently being given to the subject.

For all the hundreds of innocent victims, the CWU will be doing its utmost in this regard looks forward to giving evidence at the Inquiry.  “The high profile and unity of purpose that exist right now needs to be built on and taken forward,” urges Andy. “We’ve got to seize this moment, take this opportunity, and make sure justice is done.

“To all our members and our branches, I’m asking please contact your own Member of Parliament, ask them to take up the fight for justice and accountability, ask them to raise the matter in Parliament and to sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 882.”

For further information, please see LTB 075/21