Horizon – ‘justice is coming, so keep the pressure on’

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“Justice is coming closer, but the pressure must be kept up,” insists CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey, as the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) referred another eight postmaster ‘Horizon’ convictions to the Court of Appeal.”

“The CRCC has now sent a total of 47 Horizon cases for appeal – which is a huge number when one considers that the Commission recommends less than 3 per cent of the cases it considers.”

As well as sending such a high number of cases for appeal, the CCRC has also highlighted, in its Statement of Reasons, the ‘combined status’ that the Post Office has ‘as victim, investigator and prosecutor’ in this instance.

“This is very important too,” says Andy, “the sheer power that the Post Office has here – which is far above that of any other employer.”

The CWU continues to support postmasters in their ongoing fight for justice and for those responsible to be held to account, and the union is determined to ensure that Prime Minister Boris Johnson carries out his promise to hold a full public inquiry into this whole affair.

“I’m asking all our members to contact their MPs asking them to raise the issue of this judicial inquiry and also please try to tune into Radio 4 at 9pm this evening for the omnibus edition of the daily 15-minute programmes that have been going out this week about various aspects of the Horizon scandal,” urges Andy.

“And this coming Monday on BBC1 at 7.30pm, please watch out for the Panorama Special Scandal at the Post Office which will be an in-depth investigation into this whole affair and its impact on postmasters.

“Justice is coming – but we all need to need to keep the pressure on.”

·         Further information, please see LTB 297/20