‘Highly recommended’ Post Office pay & pension package


Friday 26th February 2021

An across-the board basic salary rise, plus variable bonus consolidations, offers a combined lift in members’ wages of between 4.7 and 7.1 per cent…

An innovative pay agreement reached by the CWU in talks with Post Office chiefs brings several different bonus schemes into pensionable pay and “transforms a modest settlement into a much better overall package” reports CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey.

“And all members need to do now is vote for it to get the arrears of pay in their salaries in April.”

Incentive schemes across the Post Office’s various functions – from counters to supply chain and admin – are being drawn into contractual earnings in a measure which will flow through to hourly pay rates and overtime payments.

“And, this being the long-overdue 2020 settlement, the whole deal is being fully backdated to April 1st of last year,” Andy points out.

The CWU executive gave the proposed agreement its formal approval and it will now go out to a full ballot of our Post Office members.

“I’m highly recommending this offer and will be urging members to resoundingly vote Yes to get this good package in their pockets as quickly as possible.

“And, as soon as this deal is endorsed, we’ll be back in to start talks on the April 2021 pay round where we will be looking to improve pay, terms and conditions once again.”