Good news for BT Centre security staff amid wider HQ move upheavals

Telecoms & Financial Services, BT

Representations on behalf of ISS security guards, who had wrongly been told they would have to reapply for their current jobs to secure employment at BT’s new London HQ when BT Centre closes in December, has resulted in swift clarification by their employer.

Amid urgent union efforts to secure badly needed assurances for all ISS employees at BT’s historic Newgate Street headquarters – following the shock announcement that the outsourced housekeeping, security and ‘front of house’ provider had not been successful in all of the tenders it had lodged to replicate such services at BT’s new ’One Braham’ HQ – confirmation has been received, removing the confusion for impacted security members.

CWU national officer Tracey Fussey explains: “Although this announcement does nothing to ease the understandable concerns of our ISS housekeeping and ‘front of house’ members at BT Centre – with both groups still in scope for separate TUPE transfers – it comprehensively addresses the situation faced by our members conducting security functions.

“They were understandably shocked to be told they had to reapply for their own jobs if they wanted to transfer to One Braham – even though ISS’s tender to provide security services at the new headquarters building had been successful.

“The union quickly sought clarification from ISS management with the notion that asking the current security team to ‘apply’ for their roles in the new location was unacceptable. The union ensured those providing security at Newgate Street could simply transfer to One Braham, which is only in Aldgate, just over a mile to the east of where they are currently working.

“I’m pleased to confirm that ISS has now confirmed there will be no requirement for individuals to apply for similar roles at One Braham as was initially miscommunicated – and that all security staff will be supported in moving across to the new building if they wish to move to the new site.

“The National Team is very pleased that opportunities for all security members have been confirmed, and are confident that our members will see this as positive news too.”

The resolution of the situation involving security guards means the national team’s undivided focus is now on achieving a similarly satisfactory outcome for housekeepers and ‘front of house staff. The former are in scope for TUPE transfer to an as yet undisclosed company,  while the latter are being offered either TUPE transfer to CBRE or redeployment into other roles within ISS.

“Members will be kept fully informed as soon as we hear more – and in the meantime I can only stress that no stone is being left unturned to secure them the reassurances they deserve,” Tracey concludes.

While there is presently no ‘go live’ date for BT’s new ‘One Braham’ HQ, it is currently expected that a phased transfer from BT Centre will commence later this month prior to the building’s complete decommissioning in December.