Big ‘yes’ from Ericsson members for pay deal that delivers inflation-plus for most

Telecoms & Financial Services, Ericsson

Members in Ericsson have overwhelmingly accepted a CWU-brokered pay deal which will  see the majority of members in Field Service Operations (FSO) receive fully consolidated increases ranging from 2% to 3.5%.

The company’s ‘full and final’ offer, which was thrashed out in detailed talks that commenced in February, had been “strongly recommended” for acceptance in a consultative ballot by the union’s Ericsson National Team. The ballot result, which was announced yesterday (Tuesday) confirmed 85% support for the deal from members on a 63% turnout.

Details of the now ratified settlement– which is both performance-related and dependent on where individuals sit on their pay scale – can be viewed in Ericsson Members’ Bulletin No.75/2021. In essence, however, only those already paid more than 120% of their salary range, or those on the lowest performance ranking, will receive less than 2%. There are only a handful of employees are in this so-called ‘limited’ performance category, and they will receive no consolidated rise at all. The union is now initiating discussions with management on improved coaching for people in this group.

Thanking members for their strong support, CWU national officer for Ericsson, Allan Eldred, stressed:  “The union’s main focus throughout the negotiations was to secure an offer above the rate of inflation for those below the 120th percentile and to get at least a degree of consolidation for those above it. Both of these objectives have been met.

“It’s especially gratifying that members have given solid backing to the view of the National Team that it was only right and proper that the higher increases are concentrated on those on the lower pay levels.”

The deal applies to all members in Ericsson’s FSO apart from those who entered the company via the Field Operative career path – and those who’ve been promoted to Lead Engineer or have taken up a Field Manager role since January of this year.

Field Operative pay will be discussed separately with the company and it is anticipated that those talks will commence shortly.

Meanwhile, the FSO pay settlement will be applied in May salaries.