End domestic violence – The Day She Closed The Door


“Watch the video, listen to the song, share with family and friends and get the important message out there,” urges CWU Bootle Branch secretary Gerry Culligan, whose band The Bamboo Fringe has just released a powerful song highlighting the terrible trauma of domestic abuse.

The Day She Closed The Door tells the story of a woman, who suffers both emotionally and physically at the hands of her bullying partner, explains singer-songwriter Gerry, who has been involved in the Liverpool music scene for several decades.

“The topic for the song just came about when I came up with the line: ‘Violence and fear were never a part of the deal’,” he explains.

In the video, Merseyside actor Donna Leslie Price plays the abused woman, while the bully is portrayed by Warren Donnelly (who viewers may recognise as Shameless’s Stan Waterman).

“Warren is a friend of mine and we were having a beer and when I mentioned the song, he offered to take part in the video – and both he and Donna perform strongly I feel,” says Gerry.

“I think the message is that, sometimes walking away from abuse can be the only option – but it’s often not an easy step to take, especially for women.

“I hope CWU members will watch it and listen to the words of the song and then share with friends and family. It’s important to get this message out there.”

  • As well as Gerry, fellow Bamboo Fringe member and guitarist Andy Griffin is also a Bootle CWU member, while drummer Howard Minns is a former member of the union and the bass player is Allan Crookes.
  • The Bamboo Fringe have released four albums so far, The Life And Times Of The Bamboo Fringe, Who Wants The World?, The 7 Stages Of Man and Guardian Angel
  • Watch and listen to The Day She Closed The Door here: https://youtu.be/63HRnx6H3fE