EE Pay Negotiations Begin


Pay talks covering 6,500 Frontline staff in EE for the January 2020 review have started with the Union seeking a deal that not only increases pay but changes the whole pay structure.

CWU National officer Nigel Cotgrove explained, “EE continues to win awards for its customer service and excellent products. The company remains very profitable. Consumer and Enterprise combined, which includes EE operations, made £2,148 million in the last six months alone.

“The key to the success of EE is its workforce; our members. It is their contribution that makes the difference. So, we are claiming an increase in salary that reflects their contribution, and provides for an increase in basic pay higher than inflation.”

The second aspect of the CWU’s claim is to change the pay structure. Currently, pay increases are based on a complex performance related matrix pay system that links pay rises to either performance scores or performance rankings amongst staff. Pay rises are  also linked to the amount by which an individual’s pay is higher than the minimum.

“There are two different systems at work here. One means that 40% of are always at the bottom no matter how they perform against targets. In the other one the targets are not in the advisors control and the performance markings follow a predetermined distribution” said Nigel

“We feel it is so complex that very few people understand how it works and that it is fundamentally unfair. As a result we are seeking better, fairer, straightforward and transparent structure that everyone can understand. We believe this is best achieved by a simple pay rise that applies to all, with no other conditions attached.”

“We are also keen to understand what our members are thinking on this key issue and we will be sending out a pay survey to all EE members shortly.” Nigel concluded.

Join the CWU

The CWU is the independent trade union recognised to negotiate with EE for all Frontline Staff – H1, H2, H3 and Team Leaders. The more members we have the more influence we will have.

If any of your friends or colleagues are not members of the CWU, please encourage them to join us by contacting your local CWU site rep or CWU Branch or on line at:

The CWU’s National Team for EE at BT HQ for Pay Talks. Left to right Stephen Albon (CWU Executive) Dave Tee (CWU Executive), Gemma Hughes (Merthyr Tydfil), Mel Wilson (North East), Shona Lamont (Greenock) and Paul Elsmore (Plymouth)