Driver recruitment campaign under way within Royal Mail


Hundreds of qualified drivers needed, company agrees to provide CPC training…

“This is potentially fantastic news for members and a positive sign in terms of workloads and revenues – as well as a great example of the practical benefits of the Pathway to Change agreement,” CWU assistant secretary Davie Robertson tells, as ‘Wave One’ of Royal Mail’s internal driver recruitment campaign opens.

Over the next couple of months, some 464 new LGV drivers are going to be recruited from among existing, non-driving staff, as a response to the sustained increase in parcel volumes and in accordance with a joint commitment to reduce reliance on external resourcing – i.e. agency drivers.

“This campaign is a significant first step in the right direction – and it also provides career progression opportunities for individuals within the business who have the relevant driving licences (LGV C+E Licence) and want to become professional drivers,” explains Davie, who adds that “the further commitment from the company to provide, free of charge, CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training removes what has been an obstacle for many members in the past.”

Training will be made available, online and utilising advance driver coaches, for those individuals who hold the required licence but no CPC, although members will need to attend in their own time.

Recruitment will take place across two ‘waves’, with the first phase under way now and ‘Wave Two’ commencing on 14th June.

“This is an excellent opportunity, and I would encourage all interested members to apply in line with the process outlined in the LTB,” Davie concludes.