‘Dog attacks remain a major concern’ – Dave Joyce


Dog Awareness Week 2019 Monday 8th July – Saturday 13th July

With Royal Mail’s annual Dog Awareness Week starting on Monday, the CWU reminds members and the public that dog bites are still a priority concern to postal workers, despite recent steps forward in legislation. 

“The number of attacks has risen,” reports the union’s national health, safety and environment officer Dave Joyce, “with yearly hospital admissions for dog bites increasing by 80 per cent over the last decade and seven postal workers, on average, being attacked by dogs every working day of the year.”

Describing the latest statistics as “unacceptable,” Dave points out that the idea behind Dog Awareness Week is to highlight the problem, its impact on our members and the repercussions for dog owners and their pets, but also to promote sensible measures which can prevent these incidents happening in the first place.

As our members deliver more parcels, packets, express, tracked and signed-for deliveries as a result of booming internet sales, dog-owning customers are, Dave explains: “Failing in their responsibility to postal workers by failing to simply securing their dogs before opening the door and, as a result, too many dog attacks occur – 83  per cent on the doorstep or garden path.

The union and Royal Mail are urging dog owners to “work with us” and ensure that they take the appropriate steps to prevent the risk of any such attacks.

“No matter what breed of dog is involved, it can present a substantial danger to postal workers, but simple precautions can avoid danger,” insists our national officer.

Next week, these messages will be a key theme in Royal Mail WTLL sessions, posters and information will be going up on notice boards at delivery offices and information and advice will be going out to residents as well.

Dog owners

Please think twice when the postman or woman calls

Please put your dog away in a secure room before opening the door to collect and sign for deliveries.

We want to deliver your letters, parcels and packets

We love dogs, but we don’t want to get bitten