DHL Parcel Workers Must Be Paid for Covid-19 Related Absences, CWU Say


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Wednesday 16th September 2020

The CEO of DHL recently boasted that, in the middle of a pandemic, the company has “never been in better shape”.

That’s great news – especially for shareholders. But that success has been made possible by DHL Parcel’s workers. They have continued coming into work during the worst public health crisis in 100 years with all the risks this involves for you and your families.

DHL Parcel has paid a nominal bonus to their staff, but many workers have lost money as a result of Covid-19. The company’s policies during the crisis have meant that some workers have seen less in their pay packet.

Why? Because they have done the right thing by isolating themselves to protect others. This isn’t going to change over the next few months – the virus is still here. In fact, autumn and winter might worsen the situation.

The guidelines surrounding track and trace and self-isolation will still be important in stopping the spread of coronavirus, and workers will still be expected to do the right thing to protect themselves and others.

This makes it surprising that DHL Parcel has chosen to end special arrangements for Covid-19 absence from July 1st (Health and Safety Update 18).

The CWU believes that – at the very least – the policy that applied between March 12th (Health and Safety Update 3) and July 1st should remain in place.

We think that DHL Parcel should pay workers in full for all coronavirus-related absence, like other companies have done.

We’re not saying this should be a blank cheque, but where workers should be paid – not penalised – for doing the right thing to protect other people.

  • If you are a DHL Parcel worker and would like to find out how we can support you at work and how you can get more actively involved, please see here, get in touch at or text/call 07894 461710