Determined Post Office workers to strike & ban overtime

Post Office (PO)


Union urges Post Office bosses to ‘see sense and offer a fair deal’, as they announce action up until Christmas…

Around 1,400 staff working at Crown Offices and in Admin functions will walk out for two days in just under a fortnight’s time, while Supply Chain members will begin a two-week overtime ban from next Monday until Christmas Eve.

The action follows an overwhelming endorsement in the reballot held earlier this month, which returned an astonishing 91.24 per cent YES to the union’s strike plan – as well as a similar 90 per cent-plus majority for action short of a strike. It was the first time in the CWU’s history that the same group of members have returned consecutive YES votes in the same calendar year.

“After nine bouts of strike action, in a dispute that’s now gone on for nearly seven months, it really says something about the sheer determination of our members that they voted again in such enormous numbers for further walkouts,” said acting DGSP Andy Furey.

Hard-working staff have been battling most of this year to win a fair pay rise and remain angry at the employer’s decision to freeze pay for the 2021/22 period and offer an inadequate 5 per cent increase for 2022/23. Despite it being higher than the 3 per cent previously offered, it remains far, far below current inflation levels and this is despite the organisation posting profits of £74 million over the past two financial years.

“Nick Read needs to listen to his workforce and put more money on the table. He’s got nearly two weeks before the action begins so he can still do this” Andy continued.

“But please don’t be under any illusions here – if our members are forced to strike, they will strike. And keep on with this action right up until Christmas – and beyond if necessary.”

“Everybody knows there’s more than enough money for a reasonable pay rise and it’s time for those at the top of the Post Office to show real respect for dedicated public servants who, as key workers, provided unprecedented customer service during the pandemic.

“The determination of these people – whose efforts generated millions of pounds in profit – hasn’t swayed, and they won’t accept their living standards being smashed.

“We repeat our message to management – see sense, get back to the negotiating table and offer our members the fair deal they deserve.”

  • Crowns & Admin members will commence strike action at or after 6am on Monday 12th December and before 8pm on Tuesday 13th December
  • Supply Chain members commence an overtime and scheduled attendance ban at midnight on the morning of Monday 12th December until one minute before midnight on Saturday 24th December.