CWU secures 4.8% rise for Capita TVL’s lowest paid members


Members working for TV licensing contractor Capita TVL will begin voting later this week on a new pay deal, which will see wages increase by an average of 4.8 per cent for the lowest paid members mainly working in the call-centre environment.

And for those on higher pay rates, salaries will increase by 2 per cent under the agreement, negotiated by the CWU.

Assistant secretary Andy Furey, who led the negotiations on behalf of the union, says: “This straightforward agreement, with no strings attached, establishes a new minimum hourly rate of £8.60, which means that around 72 per cent of operational and field business centre staff get an increase of nearly 5 per cent on average.

“This is an important step forward in our aspiration to end the scourge of low pay within this sector,” he adds, “but also the minimum 2 per cent across the board element provides a reasonable settlement for our higher paid members too.”

This morning’s CWU Postal Executive unanimously voted to approve the negotiated package and also endorsed a fast-track ballot timetable, authorising the sending out of papers to commence tomorrow.

Voting closes two weeks from today (Tuesday 19th) and, if members vote to endorse the deal, the aim is to get the extra cash in members’ end-of-February pay packets – with the addition of backpay to January 2019.

“We’re recommending a ‘Yes’ vote in the ballot and we’re also urging our Capita TVL members and activists to take this opportunity to recruit new employees into the union, by pointing out the benefits of union organisation in improving pay, terms and conditions,” Andy concluded.


  • For further details, please see LTB 085/19