CWU secures 4.5% pay rise for members in Accenture

Accenture HR Services

Members in Accenture have unanimously accepted a CWU-brokered pay deal which delivers minimum fully consolidated rises of 4.5%, allocated via a matrix.

Set against a relevant CPI inflation rate of 3.1% (RPI 4.9%) when negotiations commenced in September, the settlement is backdated to December 1 and covers a CWU-represented bargaining unit comprising a small group of members conducting IT work on an outsourced BT contract.

Now due for payment in February salaries, the company’s final offer – which was arrived at following intensive discussions over external market comparisons, was given blanket support by members participating in a consultative exercise last month.

Thanking members for their wholehearted support of the deal, CWU national officer Dave Jukes said: “Despite the current volatility of inflation, which has seen a significant spike since our discussions with Accenture concluded, this deal compares favourably with the prevailing level of pay settlements being achieved across the UK economy even now.

“There is no doubt it was the best that could be achieved through negotiation – hence the negotiating team’s unequivocal recommendation of the offer –  and it’s clear from the ballot result that our members in Accenture recognised that to be the case.”