CWU North West Region hits the streets and social media to promote union’s ‘Count Me In’ campaign

Telecoms & Financial Services, BT

Hot on the heels of last Thursday’s highly successful online National Day of Support for BT Technology Workers , the CWU’s North West Region is today (Monday) going all out to promote the CWU’s fightback against multiple threats to members in BT Group.

Count Me In campaigning in Preston last Thursday provided a warm up for today

Throughout the day the union will be making its presence felt outside BT and Openreach workplaces across the region to highlight the importance of the ‘Count Me In’ campaign in the light of the disputed compulsory redundancy situations  presently unfolding in the Enterprise and Technology divisions.

Also under the spotlight throughout the regional day of campaigning will be simmering disagreements over breaches of long-standing grading protocols across different parts of BT; attacks on career progression opportunities in Consumer; an increasing Group-wide disregard for long-standing national agreements with the CWU and the full-frontal assault on desk-based workers in Openreach – as well as wider worries about longer-term job security implications of the Better Workplace site rationalisation programme.

Acting national officer for BT Consumer Stephen Albon – who is one of the Telecoms and Financial Services co-ordinators for the North West Region’s ‘Count Me In’ campaign hub – explains: “Recognising the increasing serious situation faced by BT Group members throughout the North West, we’ve decided to forgo our normal campaign hub meeting and instead to blitz BT call centres, the places where engineers park and pick up their stores and other BT workplaces to highlight the importance of active participation in the union’s ‘Count Me In’ campaign.

“The aim is to flood our social media with videos and pictures, to and generally promote the message across the region that we need to collectively stand firm for the decent working environment the CWU has always championed in BT, but which is sadly now under threat.

“Hopefully our North West day of regional campaigning will be just the first of many more similar initiatives in other regions.”

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