CWU gives evidence at select committee on dangerous dogs

Health & Safety

The CWU’s Health Safety & Environment Officer Dave sent out a powerful message to MPs and Government about the need for changes to Section 10(3) of the Dangerous Dogs Act and for better enforcement of Dog Control Laws by the Police, Local Authorities and the

Courts, when handing down sentences. Dave was giving evidence to the House of Commons EFRA Parliamentary Select Committee’s Inquiry into Dangerous Dogs Legislation looking into the need or otherwise for further Dangerous Dogs legislation and whether Breed Specific Law should be abolished.

Dave made it clear that the CWU does not support Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) adding that all animals can become vicious, if it has a bad owner. It is the owner that is the problem adding “The problem is on the other end of the lead”. He told the Committee of MPs from all parties that “the CWU is “pro-dog, but anti-bad dog owner”.

The CWU found in its research, that postal workers are attacked by any breed of dog and that the idea of BSL is unhelpful and in fact a detraction from the real issue. Highlighting the fact that if a dog is under control and/or in another room when the post is being delivered, no attack will take place; Dave made it clear that the that it is the owner’s who should be made to suffer the consequences of not controlling their dogs, where ever they are and not just in the home!

The Select Committee Chair, Neil Parish (Conservative) was well aware of the experiences of postal workers and indeed recalled his previous work with Dave Joyce and

the CWU Health & Safety Department during its “Bite-Back” campaign which led to significant Dangerous Dog Law changes, extension of the law to private land, tougher Sentences and ancillary orders, control notices and stronger Police powers.

Here you can watch Dave Joyce’s full evidence presentation to the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Parliamentary Select Committee:

Dave Joyce contribution at 11.22 on the recording