CWU challenging EE over job losses


Negotiations with EE have continued over the shock proposal by the company to cut 80 jobs in the Enterprise division, with posts under threat in Doxford and North Tyneside.

CWU National Officer Nigel Cotgrove explained “First and foremost we are challenging the rational for this announcement. Both Doxford and North Tyneside  provide skilled and valuable support to customers and colleagues. The company has yet to explain how these job losses can be justified.

“Our priority is to ensure that any job losses are on a voluntary basis and to maximise both jobs and redeployment opportunities. As part of this we are pressing EE to improve their voluntary redundancy and redeployment terms. “

“The move of work could also put additional workload and pressure onto the Darlington and Greenock members.”

“We have not got any answers yet, and have asked EE to defer individual interviews until members have responses on these important questions. It is very unfortunate that the company has decided to press ahead regardless. Members invited to these key interviews are allowed to take their CWU rep with them and I urge all members to take up this option;” He concluded.

Join the CWU

The CWU is the independent trade union recognised to negotiate with EE for all Frontline Staff – H1, H2, H3 and Team Leaders. The more members we have the more influence we will have.

If any of your friends or colleagues are not members of the CWU, please encourage them to join us by contacting your local CWU site rep or CWU Branch or on line at: