CViT tachograph agreement ensures suitable protections remain in place for our members

Andy Furey

A new system for ensuring the health and safety of our cash and valuables in transit (CViT) drivers has been introduced following negotiations between the CWU and Post Office…

Speaking to CWU News today, CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey said that the newly agreed procedures were “essentially an update of the 2008 Tachograph Infringement Monitoring System (TIMS) – a revision made necessary by technological change.

“Although 2008 doesn’t seem so long ago, at that time, the system was based on paper tachographs and a one-week delay in reporting of infringements,” Andy explains.

“Tachographs are now all digital and infringement reporting is pretty much immediate now – so an updated operational agreement was absolutely necessary and we’ve jointly agreed with the business the appropriate technological changes.

“But we’ve also ensured suitable protections remain in place for our members and we’ve taken the opportunity to alter the overall focus of the system towards corrective rather than punitive measures.” 

The newly agreed TIMS includes a firm commitment to achieving the necessary standards through coaching, guidance and support to help members comply with the legal requirements. 

Andy thanked Post Office Supply Chain reps David Bowmaker and Rob Jones, as well as postal executive member Mole Meade for their work in updating and improving this set of procedures, commenting that “they’ve all done a first-class job.

“They’ve brought this operational system right up to date and also improved the approach and overall philosophy of the monitoring process,” he said.

David and Rob are both involved with the new joint working group which has been established with the aim of consolidating and building further on these improvements going forward.

For further information, please see LTB 482/21