Cost of living crisis – inflation 8% – Capita TVL offer 4%

Postal, Capita

Postal executive rejects salary proposal from the TV licensing service provider, warning bosses they must do better on pay…

“Well, this was the wrong day to ask us to accept a 4 per cent pay rise,” commented CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey this afternoon, after this morning’s news of a further increase to both the retail and consumer indexes.

“When the Office for National Statistics is announcing that inflation has hit 6.2 per cent (CPI) and 8.2 per cent (RPI), then I’m sorry, but this is a proposed wage settlement that, while improved on the first offer, is still too far below the UK cost of living at this time.

“We would not be doing our job properly as a trade union if we were to accept a real-terms pay cut of this magnitude.”

Andy had asked the executive to reject the offer, after having met with his team of Capita TVL union reps and discussed the current situation last week. “Our reps were unanimous in their rejection of this proposal and it was their view that I take that position into today’s scheduled executive meeting,” he explains.

“In that reps’ meeting, we also discussed the possibility of moving towards a formal industrial action ballot in accordance with the law and, unless we can see some significant movement on pay from the company, then this potentially will be the next step that we have to take.

“We cannot just sit back and watch our hard-working members’ wages getting swallowed up by ever-rising inflation. Indeed, the Office for Budget Responsibility has said today that inflation and higher taxes from April mean households face the biggest fall in living standards since records began.

“Therefore, Capita TVL – you must do better on pay.”