Clarity needed for Virgin Media O2 members amid redundancy news announcement

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Clarity needed for Virgin Media O2 members amid redundancy news announcement

Following this week’s sudden disclosure of large-scale redundancies in VMO2 the CWU is preparing to meet the company again next week to understand further detail and, importantly, what roles are at risk across the company.

With employees across VMO2 left anxious from the announcement that up to 2,000 jobs are on the line, the union has confirmed it is keen to understand what roles are at risk.  Members have been expressing shock at the high numbers being discussed and have been seeking clarification from the CWU, as to whether their roles are in scope.

The union is seeking that formal consultation commences without delay to remove the anxiety that now exists across the membership.

The CWU – which has already been actively working with VMO2 through redundancy consultation that commenced earlier this year – will be ensuring that no stone is left unturned in an attempt to mitigate against compulsory job losses. Through consultation the union will be seeking that wherever possible a voluntary approach will be enabled.

The CWU is naturally disappointed that the company has taken the decision to cut jobs as they continue to integrate and simplify their operating model.

CWU national officer Tracey Fussey explains: “The CWU was advised late on Monday that VMO2 were intending to respond to stories in the media regarding up to 2,000 job losses.

“As members will be aware, the CWU has been actively engaged in consultation with redundancies already announced within support functions, operations and network expansion.  The 2,000 figure which was widely quoted in the media yesterday includes the job losses already consulted on – but the majority of the proposed job losses are additional to those we were already aware of.

“VMO2 has said that they will share more information about which roles will be impacted next week.

“We will then issue further and more detailed communications with regards to further proposals and consultation, and offer specific advice and support to members.”

Understanding the distress and upset that has been caused by the announcement  Tracey concludes: “There have been mumblings in the media for a while, yet this news now confirmed by VMO2 is causing tremendous anxiety amongst our membership, with many now feeling vulnerable about their jobs in the middle of an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis.

“Though we are already in the midst of dealing with and supporting members who are shortly to leave VMO2 through redundancy, this news has come as a shock to members. We will continue to represent our members through the consultation process and can assure members the CWU will do everything its power to ensure that every opportunity possible is taken to save jobs.”