CBRE pay deal worth a minimum of 8% overwhelmingly accepted

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Members in CBRE have voted by almost nine-to-one to accept a pay deal which delivers a minimum rise of 8% for engineers, fabric technicians, grounds maintenance staff, helpdesk advisers and multi-skilled hosts working on the outsourced facilities services provider’s BT contract.

An impressive 89% of those participating in a consultative ballot, which closed yesterday (Wednesday), supported the CWU-brokered settlement which links an across-the-board 8% base pay increase with an uplift in the minimum salary on CBRE’s BT account from £22,000 to £24,100 (FTE) – an increase of just over 9.55% – with CWU-represented grade employees receiving whichever is greater for them.

In addition, as a direct outcome of a clause negotiated by the CWU in last year’s pay agreement, a review has taken place of engineering salaries – with the company agreeing to introduce a minimum salary for reach role, with any members currently sitting below this amount being immediately uplifted.

“This will reduce the wide ranges in salary currently seen, and will also ensure that those members who are at the bottom of the pay scale are uplifted to a salary that is closer to the average rate and also the external market,” explains CWU national officer Tracey Fussey.

“As a result, 77 employees will receive an uplift in basic salary of between 1% and 15% before the 8% increase is even applied – with the majority receiving between 3% and 9% on top of the 2023 pay deal as a result of this welcome hangover from last year’s pay settlement.”

Full details of the intricate deal and  ballot result are contained in CBRE Members’ Bulletin No.119/2023, but other highlights include an immediate increase in engineering standby payments from £135 a week to £155 per week, with a further increase to £160 a week from December 2023.

“Importantly CBRE has confirmed its commitment to review this payment along with benchmarking data on salaries on an annual basis,” Tracey continues.

“The company has also confirmed it is committed to ongoing discussions with the CWU with regard to the introduction of an additional allowance for colleagues who act as Authorised Person or Senior Authorised Person in relation to their specific role and skillset.  We will continue to discuss the detail of how this will be implemented and what the remuneration will be for members who take on this role.”

Thanking all those who participated in the ballot, Tracey concludes: “The CWU National Team has no doubt whatsoever that CBRE’s final offer stacked up well against the prevailing level of pay settlements across the UK economy, and that it was certainly the very best that could be achieved by negotiation.

“As such we’re delighted that members heeded our ‘vote YES’ recommendation by such a wide margin.”

Members in CBRE are urged to share this story with any of their colleagues who are not currently members of the union. Any team member employee can easily and quickly join the CWU by clicking here.