Capita TVL field members win hour off the working week

Capita, Postal

Hundreds of visiting officers, detection drivers, sale and enforcement support officers will see their hours reduced from the start of next month in a deal which also includes a consolidated £500 flat rate pay boost…

Over 300 members benefit from the one-hour reduction – negotiated by the CWU – which has the effect of a 2.7 per cent equivalent increase in the hourly rate.

Those among the Capita TVL field who were previously Post Office employees – i.e. a group of around 30 workers who were in post when Capita TVL was awarded the licensing contract back in 2002 – already work shorter contracted hours each week so will receive a £600 flat-rate increase.

The flat-rate increases are all backdated to 1st January 2021, while the company’s visiting officers who were recruited after the 2020 pay agreement will also receive a 1.85 per cent consolidated pay lift.

“This is good news for our field members,” says CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey, “and something of a breakthrough for the CWU in that this is the first working week reduction we’ve managed to achieve with Capita TVL throughout the whole period we’ve been dealing with them.”

Our non-field members in sites at Bristol and Darwen, Lancashire, many of whom were on the £9.30 Real Living Wage rate, will also receive a 1.85 per cent increase for the period from 1st January 2021 to 31st March 2021 – when the increased RLW of £9.50 kicked in.

And those among the non-field workforce on pay rates already greater than the RLW are set for a £500 per annum pay increase backed to 1st January 21.

“We’re disappointed that we were unable to secure a working week reduction for our non-field members, but we intend to continue to pursue this in future negotiating rounds,” pledges Andy, who adds that the next pay review date for all our Capita TVL members will be 1st January 2022.

“In the meantime, this agreement, which has been approved by the CWU postal executive, will be going out to a ballot of our members in the company over the coming weeks.

“And we will be urging our field and non-field members to vote Yes to the deal.”