Bristol Royal Mail delivery strike vote


Workers at Bristol’s South East Delivery Office (SEDO) could strike in the run-up to Christmas to win justice for one of their fellow workers.

In a ballot result announced this afternoon, 86% voted for the action, which was sparked by the disciplinary action taken against postman Barry Baker.

Explaining the issue, Bristol CWU Branch secretary Rob Wotherspoon said: “The management sacked Barry without notice back in October after wrongly accusing him of “a breach of business standards” – but they have never explained what this specific standard is or where is was agreed.

“Then he was accused by them of having “acted inappropriately” during a meeting where he was not allowed union representation – another allegation which he and the CWU totally refute.”

The sacking provoked an immediate angry response from Barry’s delivery colleagues, who held a spontaneous gate meeting at the unit and called for an industrial action ballot, a request that was approved by the branch and the CWU industrial executive.

Management agreed last week to re-instate Barry – but they insisted on imposing a disciplinary penalty short of dismissal and to transfer him to another office in a different part of the city.

“While we’re pleased to win his re-instatement, the workforce here rejects the idea that Barry should be forced out of the office,” said Rob.

“This brilliant ballot result shows the fantastic solidarity there is in this unit and the strong feeling that people all want to see Barry back at work here at SEDO where he belongs.

“There’s still the chance for RM to avert strike action – but they need to overturn this ridiculous decision.”