April pay rises in Royal Mail, Parcelforce & Post Office and Quadrant pay is out to ballot

Postal, Telecoms & Financial Services


Hard-working postmen and women in Royal Mail and Parcelforce will receive a welcome pay boost from Monday, as the latest phase of the Four Pillars national agreement comes into force.

Confirming the news this week, deputy general secretary Terry Pullinger said: “As agreed last year, the 2019 pay settlement provides for a fully consolidated increase across all CWU-grades and functions, which flows through to basic pay supplements, Skills and Unsocial Hours allowance, London Weighting, Scottish Distant Islands allowance, Overtime and Scheduled Attendance rates.

“The pay increase with effect from Monday 1st April is 2 per cent, which, when added to April 2018 pay increase of 5 per cent and the value of the first one-hour reduction in the working week is the equivalent of a circa 7.3 per cent pay rise in the last 12 months.  This is a reminder of what our members fought for and that the Four Pillars deal is among the very best collective agreements in the UK,” he points out.

Our members working for the Post Office – currently a separate company from Royal Mail – receive their pay settlement next Monday as well, with a 2.5 per cent increase in pay as the second part of a two-year deal negotiated by the union.

“Amid all the bad news of Crown Office closures and ongoing franchising, it’s good to be able to report some good news for a change,” says CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey, who adds: “Our members fully deserve this for the great contribution they make to the business.”

…and Quadrant pay is out to ballot

Quadrant catering workers in Royal Mail and Parcelforce are currently voting on a pay package for 2019 which would lift pay rates by 2.6 per cent with effect from April 1st 2019 and a further 1 per cent increase in October of this year.

In a message to branches this week, assistant secretary Davie Robertson explains: “In total, the increase in pay equates to an exit rate of 3.6 per cent and builds on our policy of securing wage rises which exceed the yearly increase in the National Living Wage ensuring that pay for our C Grade members remains above that benchmark. The agreement also includes a restructuring of overtime rates to ensure that premium payment overtime (above 37.5 hours) remains above standard rate for all grades.”

“Given that in February RPI, the traditional measure by which we have tracked inflation for pay purposes, was at 2.5 per cent, the negotiated settlement on pay represents an excellent outcome.”

“The Pay Deal has been formally approved by the Postal Executive and without hesitation we are recommending a ‘Yes’ vote.”

  • Quadrant members’ ballot papers were dispatched earlier this week and voting concludes on Wednesday April 10th.