Andy Furey to POL members – ‘Your action is making a massive difference’ 

Postal, Post Office (PO), PO Supply Chain

Another weekend of strikes across the Post Office, pay offer increases, ACAS talks are on…

“Although the current offer is still not enough, the fact that it’s increased is 100 per cent down to the magnificent unity shown by members,” said CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey this morning.

Post Office members took their fourth and fifth strike days over the weekend, with Crown Office, Supply Chain and Admin members walking out on Friday, Crown Office workers stopping again on Saturday, and Supply Chain and Admin grades on the picket lines again early this morning.

Andy Furey spoke to us from the Birmingham site just after 6am, saying: “There’s already a few of us here and the mood is one of determination among the members I’ve spoken to so far. I’ve told them all how proud this union is of all of them for their fighting spirit.

“What’s really making members angry is knowing that the managers will be getting their bonuses tomorrow – on the backs of the hard work our members have put in – while refusing to resolve pay for hard-working Counter staff, Supply Chain and Admin workers.

“This current senior management team have got their priorities all wrong – they won’t be able to operate without the hard work and goodwill of our members and it’s about time they recognised that fact. Hopefully the increased pay offer form 3 per cent to 5 per cent is a sign that they’re moving in the right direction as a consequence of these strikes.

“It’s still nowhere near enough – but it’s a step forward. And with the terrible news on Friday about energy prices, it’s more important than ever that we get that fair pay deal that our members deserve.”

Speaking with reps from different parts of the UK this morning, the message was clear that strikers are staying solid, pleased to see an increased offer, but adamant that there needs to be more.

London and Southern Area rep Rob Jones was at the London cash & valuables in transit depot cash centre as dawn broke, reporting: “The lights are on but there’s no-one in. All out at London’s CViT,” while up in Sheffield, depot rep Graeme Rooker was also out early, telling us: “It’s a little bit chilly up here – but we’re as solid as Sheffield steel.

“It’s definitely the members’ action that has increased the pay offer. It’s still not enough, but it’s going in the right direction and we hope it’ll get resolved at ACAS,” he added.

And from over in Northern Ireland, Eddie Fitzsimmons said: “Here in Belfast we’re 100 per cent. It’s good that there’s some movement from POL on pay, but we need more than that and something needs to give for last year for us.

“We’re sticking together and staying determined.”

On Saturday, London and South East sector rep Clive Tickner was picketing London Bridge Crown Office with postal executive member Andy Hopping and Clive told us that he was “really proud of our POL members for the action they’ve taken.

“We need a fair deal on pay for our members in recognition of the superb job they all do – and this union will keep on fighting and negotiating for this,” he said.

Andy Furey added his praise to all POL members for “their unity in support of the union and of each other during these past few months.

“As Clive rightly says, this union will keep on fighting hard and keep on negotiating hard. To our members I say we’re so proud of you all. Your action is making a real difference and it’s your action that is pushing management in the right direction on pay and towards the fair deal that you all so deserve.”