All gain and no pain in Consumer ‘call observation’ grading harmonisation deal

EE, Telecoms & Financial Services, BT

Grading discussions over the  ‘call observation’ role in EE and ex-BT Consumer have culminated in a deal which delivers significant pay rises for some, full protection for others and the safeguarding of a valuable promotion opportunity for future applicants.

The agreement, which has already been briefed out to the 17 team members directly affected, means an immediate £5,000 pay rise for nine EE call observers who were already in post prior to the inward TUPE transfer of their ex-BT Consumer counterparts.

Meanwhile, two of the eight ex-BT Consumer call observers will see smaller rises that will see the entire group harmonised to a salary that currently stands at £28,000 – with that entire group having their legacy NewGRID terms and conditions fully protected.

CWU national officer Stephen Albon explains: “This is clearly great news for all our call observation members– including those who are currently seconded into the role given the fact that they are now in the process of being made permanent on same conditions.

“The longer-term gain actually goes beyond that, however, as the CWU National Team has long been concerned that promotion opportunities within team member grades are few and far between in Consumer. As such, this agreement formalises a valuable career progression avenue for people to aspire to.”