All change in Service bonus payments in BT Consumer


Talks are about to commence with BT Consumer over an all-new bonus system in Service areas following the company’s announcement of significant changes in bonus arrangements for those on Workforce 20/20 contracts.

“BT has advised us that the existing OPI (Overall Performance Indicator) measures no longer reflects the company’s priorities,” explains CWU assistant secretary Nigel Cotgrove. “Following consultation with the union, BT has agreed to pay advisors either their three-month personal bonus average or their on-target bonus, whichever is the greater.

“We welcome this approach, not least because for a significant number of members this will result in an increase in their monthly bonus payments.”

On target bonuses in Service are normally 5 per cent of basic salary for TM1 grades and 10 per cent for TM2s.

“Negotiations will shortly be commencing with a view to the company and the CWU agreeing a new bonus system before the end of the year,” Nigel continues.

“In the meantime, we’ve been assured that the interim arrangement – which commenced on July 27, and therefore covers the August bonus period – will continue until the new agreed bonus system is in place.”