Crown office members of the CWU have voted in agreement to resolve the Christmas Eve trade dispute. Following an Acas-brokered agreement with the Post Office, union members voted 70.3% for and 29.7% against on a 51.3% turnout.

Following the result of the ballot, CWU Assistant Secretary, Andy Furey, has written to the Post Office to formally withdraw the notice for industrial action. Letters have also been sent to members’ home addresses to inform them of the ballot result and to advise that the strike notice has been withdrawn as a consequence of the Agreement being ratified.

Commenting on the vote, Andy Furey noted that “there is no doubt the activity surrounding our initiative to ballot for strike action encouraged the Post Office to enter into talks at Acas and ultimately enabled us to reach a solution.”

The agreement ensures that members will not have to work until 4pm without any compensation. The agreement reached also ensures a proper way forward and makes clear that the £100 payment for both full-time and part-time members will now be made with the January salaries.

Andy Furey thanked members for their support, stating that “we were able to find a mutually agreeable way forward which crucially has been endorsed by our members. I would naturally wish to thank you for your patience and support during this challenging period.”