2018 Dog Awareness Week: 25th – 29th June


“Don’t take risks, report all attacks and keep your walk logs up to date” are the key messages to the nation’s postmen and postwomen ahead of the 2018 Dog Awareness Week launch on Monday 

This annual initiative, which is jointly run by Royal Mail and the CWU and supported by a range of other organisations, is now in its fifth year, with various actions and activities planned in workplaces and communities across the UK – including a Dog Awareness Week postmark.

Dog Awareness Weeks is held at this time of year because the statistics show that attacks on postal workers increase during the summer months – particularly during the holiday period, when the average number of attacks per day increases by 10 per cent.

“As usual, there will be posters going up in workplaces all around the UK, area safety reps will be visiting delivery offices and there will be publicity on display at enquiry offices giving advice and tips to members of the public,” says CWU national health, safety and environment officer Dave Joyce.

“The aim is to raise awareness of dog attacks on postmen and women among our own members, to engage with dog owners in the community, and also to publicise the issue among the wider public.”

The CWU estimates that, although the number of reported dog attacks has reduced, an estimated 1,000 attacks per year go unreported.

Dave says that, in order to address this under-reporting, another part of this year’s campaign is to encourage outdoor delivery members and Parcelforce members to report all incidents with dogs – “because the next time it may not be a minor incident and could be serious.

“It is discovered too often following serious attacks, resulting in life-changing injuries, that several minor incidents and near misses were not properly reported and had they been, the serious attack may have been avoided.”

Dave says: “Please look out for Dog Awareness Week activities in your workplace and local area and please remember – don’t take risks, report all attacks, and keep walk logs up to date.”

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