LTB 641/17 – Introduction of 100 LE2 Peugeot Partner Electric Vehicles

No. 641/2017

27th November 2017


Introduction of 100 LE2 Peugeot Partner Electric Vehicles 


Dear Colleagues

Please find attached a copy of the Joint Statement between Royal Mail and the CWU on the introduction of 100 LE2 Peugeot Partner electric vehicles which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive.  There has been a change to the originally identified sites; this is in the main due to availability of space for the installation of charging posts necessary for these types of vehicles.

Following on from Royal Mail Group Property Surveys at each of the DOs and Workshops, (leasehold and power supply) Royal Mail have now confirmed the following sites listed below as currently in the plan to deploy the electric vehicles.  Further, there have been mandatory asbestos surveys on every site and all have been cleared for installation by ROMEC with No H&S issues identified.

Please see below the sites with Overnight Retentions of vehicles from which further investigations have identified that none of the DO’s should be affected by the installation of the electric vehicles as there is enough capacity within the retained fleet on site to accommodate the changes without impinging on this factor.

The first site to be deployed is Derby which is the only DO planned prior to Christmas (27.11.17) as this is the most straightforward installation, from which lessons can be learned.  A further timetable of works and dates for installations at other offices will follow early in the New Year.

North   ONR Fleet Size Remain on Site
Edinburgh 0 40 40
Harehills 0 16 16
Belfast 0 133 133
Nottingham South 0 38 38
Derby 50 138 88
Islington 0 33 33
Southwark 0 64 64
Whitechapel 0 35 35
Dartford 29 53 24
Bexleyheath 8 25 17
Orpington 15 51 36
Pensbury Place 0 74 74
Cardiff 0 63 63
Hythe 0 20 20
Hockley 14 31 17
Bristol South 1 29 28

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 300

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Yours Sincerely,


Mark Baulch                                    

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 641.17 – Introduction of 100 LE2 Peugeot Partner Electric Vehicles

Joint Statement on use of Peugeot Partner Electric Car Derived Vans Nov 2017