LTB 446/18 – BT Consumer Contact Centre Transformation


7th August 2018


To: All Branches with BT Members                                                                           


Dear Colleague,


We have been in discussions with BT regarding their operating models in contact centres across the company for a number of months. Although these discussions have not concluded overall we have made real progress with Consumer Customer Care regarding their new operating model which we have now agreed.

The aim of the new model is to deliver improved service to customers, creating a permanent workforce for the future and introducing new career pathways.

As a result of our agreement BT Consumer will create 600 new direct labour jobs in BT UK Contact Centres and in addition will offer all current Manpower employees a permanent role over the next few months across the Consumer Customer Care operation. BT Consumer will be communicating this today which is welcomed by the CWU. Attached for your information are copies of the communications which will go to all staff in Consumer Sales and Service.

We will be making a further announcement next week regarding Agency working and will be arranging a presentation for Branches on the detail of the new operating model and resourcing profile in the next few weeks. Further details on this will be forwarded to branches as soon as the date and venue has been confirmed.

Yours sincerely,


Andy Kerr
Deputy General Secretary (T&FS)


Attachment 1 – LTB 446.18

Attachment 2 – LTB 446.18