LTB 361/19 – Joint Statement On the Realignment of Depot Customer Service Resource


12th June 2019

For the Immediate Attention of All:

Postal Branches

PFW Regional Organisers

PFW Representatives

Dear Colleagues


Branches and representatives will be aware that in line with the commitments contained in the Parcelforce Annex of the Four Pillars agreement, review activity has been taking place under the Terms of Reference between Parcelforce Worldwide and the CWU for Customer Service Activity Across All Teams 2018/19 (LTB 345/18 refers).

Initial review activity in line with the aforementioned Terms of Reference has already resulted in a Joint Statement being agreed in 2018 for a framework to enable the reintroduction of the Mystery Shopper and Call Coaching.

In addition to the above, analysis has been taking place via the Table of Success Customer Service Joint Working Group (CSJWG) in relation to the realignment of Customer Service resource to provide a more professional and effective customer experience. The recommendation that has been provided by the CSJWG has indicated that it would be beneficial to have dedicated teams of Customer Service advisors and admin staff in depots.

Discussions have therefore been taking place with the business in relation to a Joint Statement to facilitate the realignment of activity, which has now been concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive, a copy of which is attached for your information (Appendix A).

Branches and representatives will note that the attached document provides a defined list of responsibilities for each role and that a comprehensive, dedicated training package has been developed for Customer Service teams which will be delivered jointly.

Colleagues will of course be aware that Motion 96 reproduced below, was debated and carried at Annual Conference 2019:

Motion 96: This Conference instructs the Postal Executive to secure an agreement with Parcelforce that protects the job security of our admin CSP grades within our Depots.

This Conference agrees that the current proposals submitted by the business are not in the long term best interest of our Depot admin members and threatens the ethos of the CSP uni-grade (every member of staff can do any job for which they have been trained to do), by attempting to pigeon hole members into definitive roles.

The Postal Executive is therefore tasked to negotiate an agreement that offers the appropriate training to all admin grades which will lead to a more professional workforce within our Depot admin units.

The programme that has been developed and agreed in relation to the review activity will provide training for 334 advisors, which we believe is a major achievement in respect of the conference policy that was adopted.

The CSJWG will review the activity jointly in November 2019 to ensure that the realignment continues to support the forecasted levels of customer call demand going forward.

In addition to the Joint Statement a copy of the WTLL which is due to be briefed imminently, is also attached for information (Appendix B).

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 134.02

Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary

LTB 361-19 – JS Realignment of Depot Customer Service Resource


Appendix A – Roles and Responsibilities

Appendix B – WTLL for CS Review June 2019