LTB 261/21 – National Joint Statement Postal Digital Assistant (PDA) Pilots & National Rollout


N o. 261/21

24th June 2021

Dear Colleagues

National Joint Statement Postal Digital Assistant (PDA) Pilots & National Rollout

Branches will be aware of the challenges the CEO is placing on the respective operational projects to speed things up and to ensure the views of our members have been considered via the trust survey. As such the PDA feedback from OPGs has played into that arena, in terms of the poor functionality and usage within the operation.

Accordingly, and to also ensure Royal Mail keeps pace with changing markets and its customer’s evolving needs, the company announced they would be replacing the current PDA device in order to make a commitment to invest in the purchase of new PDA’s Zebra TC57.

Therefore, both departments have been in discussions regarding the pilot activity, which needs to be progressed quickly to guarantee that deployment can be completed before the peak operational period and have consequently agreed the attached Joint Statement, which the Postal Executive has endorsed.

The Pilot will take place as follows:

  • Phase 1 of pilot deployment is scheduled for 28th June 2021 – which will take place at Ely Delivery Offices.
  • Phase 2 of pilot deployment is scheduled for 12th July 2021 and will be Plymouth Mail Centre, including all processing and collection duties.
  • Phase 3 of the pilot deployment is scheduled for 12th July and will include all units in the Cambridgeshire Operational Manager Area (CB postcode)

 This will enable user feedback and confirmation that the PDA is ready for National deployment/roll out and replacement of the existing devices.

Subject to the pilot being successful, it is anticipated that National deployment across the Royal Mail Core Network will commence on the 26th July 2021 and completed by the end of September 2021.   Due to different system requirements, for PFW, Relay and International deployment of the new devices is scheduled to commence from January 2022, however representations have been made with a view to accelerating deployment in these business units.

Branches will appreciate that confirmation that the change of PDA device, reinforces the principle that use of revised PDA Equipment will remain wholly in line with all relevant National Agreements covering the operational activity across all functions.  The use of Data generated from the PDA’s will adhere to the Key Principles defined in Section 2.5 of the Pathway to Change Agreement and Section 17 of the Guiding Principles Agreement.

All front-line members using the new PDA, will be provided with familiarisation training utilising the units WTLL session, prior to the respective pilot commencing. This will include full demonstrations on the new device and ongoing support for users.

The outputs from the pilot will be jointly and regularly reviewed in order to understand whether there are any changes to the technical process, software applications and training materials to assist with and support the full deployment and any further enhancements of the software and platforms used through the PDA.

In addition, both the CWU and Royal Mail will continue to discuss and share the relevant information linked to further enhancements of the software and platforms used through the PDA, which will be also subject to national talks once full deployment has been completed.

As such both departments believe that the attached Joint Statement not only meets all of the objectives with the Pathway to Change Agreement, but the deployment of the new PDA device will be welcomed by our members.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 230.03, email address: or Distribution/Processing/Parcelforce: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email reference 528.02

Yours sincerely,

 Mark Baulch                                                         Davie Robertson                                   

CWU Assistant Secretary                                  CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 261-21 National Joint Statement Postal Digital Assistant (PDA) Pilot – 24-06-21

Final – RM_CWU Joint Statement PDA Pilot Activity