LTB 103/19 – TUPE of BT Facilities Services to CBRE and ISS – ISS Fortnightly Pay

No. 103/2019

15 February 2019

TO:      All Branches with BTFS Members


Dear Colleague

TUPE of BT Facilities Services to CBRE and ISS – ISS Fortnightly Pay

 The CWU has received considerable feedback regarding the proposed change from ISS to move from monthly to fortnightly pay and the transition pay dates that specifically affect the Housekeepers.

The current pay arrangements in BTFS for Housekeepers is they get paid up to the 31 March on 25 March, so at the date of transfer on 01 April there won’t be any outstanding pay arrears.

ISS are currently proposing to pay Housekeepers on the 26 April for the first 2 weeks 01- 14 April.

However, these changes have been challenged by the CWU as the schedule is not acceptable and we have written to ISS stating that we cannot agree that any of our members are financially disadvantaged as a result of this change.

The CWU fully understand the concerns that have been conveyed to the union and want to reassure the members that this is a priority for us to resolve with ISS and BTFS.

Please note this does not affect the Security Officers in the same way as their current cut-off date is 14 March and they will be paid on the 14 April for their hours from 15-31 March; then align straight into the ISS schedule for hours from 01 April.

A further report will be provided as soon as those discussions are concluded.

Any queries or questions should be addressed to Sally Bridge

Yours Sincerely


Sally Bridge

National Officer

LTB 103.2019