No. 085/18

 14th February 2018

 To :     All Branches



Dear Colleagues,


Crèche Facilities

We shall be making arrangements for the provision of crèche facilities at this year’s Annual Conference in Bournemouth.

If any member of your delegation would like to use these facilities they should contact Angela Niven on for a crèche registration form as soon as possible and no later than Thursday 22nd March 2018.

We require this information as early as possible to ensure that arrangements can be made to provide the correct number of staff to look after the children.

Prayer Room

Please email as soon as possible if a delegate requires a prayer room so that arrangements can be made for a quiet room to be made available.   Please state the conference that the facility will be required.

Signer Requests

If anyone needs a signer please email as soon as possible and no later than Thursday 22nd March 2018 stating the conference the delegate(s) will be attending.

Online Registration

Further information will be issued regarding online registration in due course.

Procedures for Considering Bucket Collections

  1. All requests for bucket collections to be taken during Annual Conference shall normally be submitted in writing to the General Secretary.   Such written requests should include   background Material/information/full details on the organization for which the collection is to be made.   The Officer of the General Conference SOC will be advised accordingly   and will then make arrangements for the Union’s stewards to take such collections.    The monies so collected will be counted by the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department and a cheque made out to the appropriate body.
  2. The number of bucket collections to be taken during Annual Conference will only exceptionally exceed two.

Distribution of Documents at General Conference

  1. All requests for the distribution of documents on delegates’ seats shall, in the first instance, be referred in writing to the General Conference SOC, together with a copy of  the document(s) concerned, for consideration.   Please send any requests to
  2. Any documents that have been agreed for distribution on delegates’ seats at General Conference shall be delivered to the General Conference Administration office by no later than 5.00 pm on the day prior to distribution.
  3. Branches are reminded of the facility of the conference guide to publicise meetings and other events.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to Chris Tapper in the Senior Deputy General Secretary Department on telephone number 020 8971 7331 or email

Yours sincerely


Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary