LTB 024/21 – Show Racism the Red Card – Short duration workshop programme

LTB 024/21

22nd January 2021


Dear Colleague,

Show Racism the Red Card – Short duration workshop programme

Building on the close links with SRtRC, and in response to Branches positive feedback relating to other joint engagement events, we have arranged an exciting new, hard hitting, and fast-track
training programme.

A schedule of 14 workshops will be delivered by SRtRC facilitators.

Workshops will be broken down and delivered in two parts, each of 90 – 120 minutes duration and applicants will be expected to commit to attend both parts:

Part 1

Barriers to Prejudice, and the Role of Unconscious Bias
The initial session explores barriers to tackling prejudice in the workplace and throughout society.

This workshop considers the causes and consequences of prejudice and discrimination, the impact of unconscious bias and privilege on our thought processes, and why it is important to utilise critical thinking skills to counteract the influence of media, rumours, and myths. The workshop will also allay fears, created by the media, around correct use of language and terminology. This session is also designed to ask participants to reflect on their own prejudices in a safe, nonjudgmental

Recognising & Responding to racism and prejudice
Consideration then moves to discriminatory attitudes, helping to define a racist/prejudice related incident and proceeds to an activity looking at best practice in responding to prejudice in the workplace and when dealing with members issues. It concludes by looking at the consequences of not challenging discriminatory attitudes/practice, followed by tips on how to effectively challenge prejudice.

Part 2

Embedding Equality in the Workplace and Ally-ship
The workshop builds on the knowledge gained from Part 1 and explores good practice, techniques and strategies that can be utilised to support members in holistically promoting equality throughout the workplace. Ally-ship provides the opportunity to better support colleagues who may be from marginalised groups. This workshop will help people recognise the power and influence they may have, and how this can be best utilised in order to take effective action to build a more inclusive

The Language of Equality
This session asks delegates to reflect on the powerful nature of language in the workplace when engaging with members and employers. A follow up activity considers appropriate use of
terminology relating to identity. Those taking part will be able to ask, in safety, questions about any words they are unsure about when describing people and groups.

By the end of the workshops, participants should:

· Understand the need to critically reflect on their personal prejudices  and professional practice
· Have a greater understanding of appropriate terminology relating to ethnicity
· Have an increased understanding of how to recognise racism
· Be better equipped to respond to incidents of racism
· Be more aware for the need for a strong organisational culture which clearly demonstrates an inclusive & anti-racism stance

Dates including cut-off:
Due to the fairly short notice and with numbers limited, a closing date to apply for any of the dates of 4th February 2021 has been set and will be strictly adhered to.

Part 1
1. 10th Feb 10am – 12pm
2. 10th Feb 2pm – 4pm
3. 17th Feb 10am – 12pm
4. 17th Feb 4pm – 6pm
5. 24th Feb 10am – 12pm
6. 24th Feb 4pm – 6pm
7. 3rd March 10am – 12pm

Part 2
1. 3rd March 2pm – 4pm
2. 10th March 10am – 12pm
3. 10th March 4pm – 6pm
4. 17th March 10am – 12pm
5. 17th March 4pm – 6pm
6. 24th March 10am – 12pm
7. 24th March 2pm – 4pm

All participants completing both days will receive a certificate from Show Racism the Red Card.

Application Process
Authorised applications must be received by the cut-off date.
Branches must send an email to equality& via the Branch Secretary or authorised deputy only with the following information:

· Two dates only that are being applied for (Part 1 & Part 2)
· Name of applicant
· Branch
· Membership number of applicant
· Contact email address for the applicant
· Contact mobile number
· Any adjustments that require consideration

When applications have been received applicants MUST be registered as CWU Reps/Officers on the OLS system for applications to be processed.

IT, Infrastructure and learning differences
Having tested online delivery of samples of both accredited and unaccredited courses, it is crucial that the student is set up appropriately and in good time before the training commences.

The learner must preferably have access to a good PC / laptop. Tablets can be used but have some limitation in our experience. Attending training courses using a mobile phone is not acceptable.

There must be a stable internet connection from where the learning is taking place.

We would appreciate Branches assistance in ensuring any applicants are prepared in line with the above points. If any reps encounter difficulties getting set up with IT equipment in preparation for
attendance, please advise their Branch Secretary, Union Learning Rep or the Equality, Education & Development as soon as possible.

Additionally, upon application; please ensure that we are aware in good time of any adjustments that may need to be arranged such as issues relating to dyslexia or sight / hearing differences.

Paid release from the employer does NOT apply.

Please forward any enquiries relating to this LTB to equality& in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson
Head of Equality, Education & Development

LTB 024/21 – Show Racism the Red Card – Short duration workshop programme