Capita O2 Partnership – Annual Pay Review 2019

Issue No. 010/2019 

28 February 2019 

To: Branches with Members working on the Capita O2 Partnership


Dear Colleague

Capita O2 Partnership – Annual Pay Review 2019

This briefing is information for all CWU members in CO2P but affects the TUPE population more directly.

Meetings have been held with management regarding the 2019 Annual Pay Review for members of the Capita O2 Partnership (CO2P) in the sites where the CWU have recognition, namely Preston Brook and Leeds ABC. There are also a few members in other functions who were part of the TUPE from Telefonica and are also included.

Meetings with CO2P have stuttered due to diary difficulties but similar to recent years the negotiations have effectively followed two tracks, Capita Contracts and Ex-Tef TUPE Contracts.

Firstly, a detailed presentation was delivered by the CWU to CO2P management back in December that highlighted the fact that the lowest rates of pay within CO2P required an uplift to meet the statutory requirements of the National Living Wage set by the government. The presentation highlighted pay comparisons across the call centre industry and that Capita were falling behind industry rates that would contribute towards retention and recruitment challenges.

In parallel, Capita as a contact centre business had already recognised the problems highlighted and released funds centrally. Management in CO2P have responded by significantly raising rates across the three pay Tiers including Coaches for those on Capita Contracts. It was clear in discussions that the same percentage level of increase could not be repeated for the TUPE population. Capita Contract pay was therefore completed.

The second track specifically involves those members on an Ex-Tef TUPE Contract and these discussions have proved far more difficult.

We have argued that a significant contribution to the success of CO2P has been delivered by the Ex-Tef TUPE staff throughout the upheaval of bonus reduction and continual change. We have argued that inflationary pressures are the same for everyone and that this group of highly experienced staff can be relied upon more than most to deliver the business objectives.

The meetings and discussions have been robust but amicable and offers have been made and rejected as not being anything close to what the CWU negotiating team believe would meet the aspirations of the CO2P Ex-Tef TUPE population. The contractual review date of 01 January 2019 and any agreement would apply from this date with appropriate back pay.

A final offer has been made by CO2P that is still not acceptable to the CWU negotiating team and its position is currently still being considered. Further reports will be issued shortly.

Any queries can be addressed to your local representative or to this office on

Yours sincerely


Brendan O’Brien

Assistant Secretary (T&FS)

010.2019 Capita O2 Briefing – Pay Review 2019