The Young Workers Committee

The CWU Young Workers exist to co-ordinate  our 16,000+ young members (under 30) in the CWU to ensure they have a voice in the union and a platform for campaigning on issues relevant to all young workers. They work to develop union policy and organise education and events to bring together young workers.

The National Young Workers Committee has 20 members elected every year at conference along with two NEC members and are supported by a Youth Co-ordinator at head office.

Additionally each Region of CWU has a Regional Young Worker lead working with members on issues affecting them in the regions and bringing together our Young Worker Branch Officers.

Every year we hold a Young Workers conference for young members from across the union to debate and decide on Union policy and campaigning relating to young workers.









Quincy Raymond

Branch: Tyne and Wear Clerical
Region: North East
Employer: BT 

Hi I am Quincy and started with BT in 2016. I have been involved in the Union from 2016 and currently the Branch Young Worker and B.A.M.E Officer, I am also the Regional Lead for Young Workers in the North East. I recently been elected to National Young Worker Committee and looking forward to the challenges it brings, being involved and helping others. I am a happy and friendly person that wants to help people. I see myself as approachable that loves to have fun and spend time with family.


Alex Whitehouse

Branch: Newcastle Amal
Region: North East
Employer: Royal Mail

Hi my name is Alex Whitehouse, I currently sit on the National Young workers committee and also as Vice Chair. I have been with royal mail for 8 years now and been a rep within the union for 5 years now. I have been to quite a few Young workers conference and events. Attended numerous training courses as well. I also sit at Branch level as Union Learning Rep as well. I am apart of my Labour CLP for North Tyneside. I feel privileged to sit on the Young worker committee and can’t wait to get things going. I hope this next 2 years we can get the future of this union the youth at the fore front and be at its best.

Fiona Curtis

Branch: Northern Ireland Telecoms
Region: Northern Ireland
Employer: Openreach

Hi, my name is Fiona Curtis I am employed by BT/Openreach since 2012. I came in as an apprentice Customer Service Engineer and currently I am a core network planner. I have been involved in the union for the past 5 years. My most recent achievement is to be elected onto the CWU Openreach National Team, and Chair of the National Young Workers Committee.
I would consider myself as a bubbly, friendly and approachable person who enjoys spending time with my friends and family.

I am looking forward to continue with some of the great work the young workers committee are involved in, and the challenges it brings and I hope to make a difference to young people’s working and political lives.






Will Murray

Branch: Greater London Combined
Region: London
Employer: Openreach

I joined BT Openreach in September 2008 as a customer service apprentice. I started to become active in the union in 2015 after my first child was born and I needed more than ever to feel that I was making a difference in the world no matter how small. Since that time, I have served as my branch’s young workers officers for over two years, both acting and then elected. I have been the chair of the London Regional Equality Committee since January this year.

I whole heartedly believe in building on the already amazing equality movement within our union and ensure the next generation of CWU workers are measured only by the work they do and not their religion, disability, race, gender or sexual preference.  The union movement is a community that is in need of reinvigoration and although young trade unionists may well be in decline, I look forward to tackling this key issue with a group of likeminded young workers to ensure the future of our union is a bright one.






Erin Brett

Branch: Mersey
Region: North West
Employer: BT

Hi, my name’s Erin and I’m the young worker rep from Mersey Branch. I currently work in a BT Call Centre where I try to keep customers for BT. I joined the union as soon as I joined BT as I saw it as a way I could make a change within the work environment. During my time as a Union rep, I have been to conference multiple times to discuss and make changes within the workplace, I also sit on the North West Regional Organising Committee as Vice Chair where we look at ways to strengthen the union and union member involvement. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into the National Young Worker Committee work, making changes for you!

Ieuan Davies

Branch: South Wales
Region: Wales
Employer: Openreach

I have worked for openreach for 4 years in service delivery. I love long mountain walks, playing and coaching rugby and spending time with the family in my spare time. I recently became a rep and have been elected as the national young workers rep. I am ambitious and motivated to learn the knowledge of the CWU and filter that info back to my teams and other members. Im hoping to be very active and aim to be a good union asset. I’m looking forward to the challenges that are presented to me and will thrive with this opportunity.











Carolyn Lindsay

Branch: Scotland no. 1
Region: Scotland
Employer: Openreach

Hi, I’m Carolyn Lindsay and I work for BT Consumer in Glasgow. I’ve been involved with the CWU since 2018 and I’ve loved every minute of this whirlwind! I’m super passionate about educating young people to be more vocal with their views, I truly believe that we have the ability to change the world of work and beyond, for the better. We are the future. I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and will usually be found talking about pop culture and spouting useless information about Britney Spears – did you know that “Toxic” was written about Super Vet Noel Fitzpatrick?

Come speak to me, I love talking about everything from “how can we get socialism at the forefront?” to “what’s Michelle McManus up to these days?”











Laura Marshall

Branch: North Lancs and Cumbria
Region: North West
Employer: Royal Mail

Hi my name is Laura, I started working for Royal Mail as a postal worker in 2011. I am the Sub Rep in my local delivery office, as well as the Branch Equality Officer and the Young Workers Officer. I also sit on the National Young Workers Committee and the North West TUC Young Workers Committee. My interests include socialising, hiking and political philosophy. I am looking forward to working with the National Young Workers Committee to develop educational resources for young workers. I hope we can inspire young people to join the CWU and grow the trade union movement.