Motor claims service

The motor claims service is available to members and their families free of charge. To make the most of the UnionLine motor claims service, the member will need to call us first, before they call their insurer. With UnionLine’s free motor claims service, as a CWU member, they may no longer need to purchase additional motor legal expenses insurance. This could save up to £40 a year per vehicle by using this service instead of purchasing motor legal expenses insurance, also known as motor legal cover insurance. This could mean a member could save 2/3 months membership fee year on year.

Benefits of the service

The UnionLine motor claims service offers:

  1. Full accident management, regardless of fault
  2. 100% of any compensation recovered
  3. Access to telephone advice on a wide range of motoring issues
  4. A dedicated personal customer manager who will deal with your claim
  5. An unlimited number of claims
  6. An optional replacement vehicle while yours is off the road following a non-fault accident
  7. Management of repairs to your vehicle at a UnionLine approved repair centre, or a repair centre of your choice
  8. Cover for union members and their family
  9. Savings of up to £40 per year
  10. Organisation of windscreen repairs and replacement
  11. A service that is available 24/7, 365 days a year across the UK, including Northern Ireland

UnionLine is a trading name of Trade Union Legal LLP. UnionLine is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under number 608309