Jane Loftus

Vice President

Jane Loftus

Jane joined the Post Office in January 1982 in Liverpool and has been an active member and union representative since 1983. Since 1987 Jane has worked for Royal Mail representing administration members at Local, Divisional and National Level.

She has a wide range of experience of industrial disputes, mergers and policy making at all levels of the union. Since 2002 she has served on the National Executive and the Postal Executive, she was elected in 2007 as the first woman Chair of the Postal Constituency and National President.

Politics has been central to Jane’s activism and she has led and supported campaigns both in the UK and internationally. Along with her Branch, she has contributed and changed policy of the union in hostile climates and has promoted Socialism and fighting Trade Unionism where ever possible. She has fought injustice where ever possible.

As a leading Woman in the CWU she has promoted and ensured women in the CWU have a voice and grow in numbers as representatives of the union. Jane believes there is more to do on equality for women and others but has ensured the union continues to fight for equality for all in the workplace and society.

She is noted for her grass roots activism and remains a dedicated organiser and fighter against Racism and Fascism.

Jane is always willing to speak to the members and plays a hands on role with all campaigns she is involved with and disputes that flare up in the Postal Constituency.

Jane believes that “another world is possible” and that through struggle and the fight for democracy, society can change for the better to ensure workers and the unorganised of the world have a future that is about all of us and not just the political elite or corporate rich.