Beryl Shepherd


Beryl Shepherd

CWU vice president since end of April 2017 until end of April 2018. Also Chair of Telecoms & Financial Services (T&FS) Sector.

Beryl started work for BT in 1978 (at which time it was still part of the nationally owned Post Office Telephones). She worked as a Telephone Billing officer and became active within the union in 1982, becoming Branch Secretary of the local union branch in 1987. Beryl was elected to the National Executive on 2002 and became Chair of the T&FS in 2011.

Beryl has always lived in the North east of England and is married with one son.

With little time for hobbies, Beryl most enjoys her holidays and her ambition is to visit as many Greek Islands as possible (she has currently set foot on 24 of them so there is some way go yet!!).