Andy Kerr

Deputy General Secretary (Telecoms & Financial Services)

Andy Kerr

Andy Kerr was a Field Engineer for BT since 1975, and has over 33 years experience of the Telecoms Industry as well as being active in the Union throughout that time.

He has held various positions over the years from being a Workplace Rep in 1976, and since then a Branch Committee member, Branch Vice-Chair, Assistant Secretary and Branch Secretary. Andy also held various Regional Union positions until being elected to the National Executive Council in 1997, and was elected Chair of the Telecoms & Financial Services Executive in 1999. He was also National President / Vice-President from that date until being elected in June 2008 to the position of Deputy General Secretary (Telecoms & Financial Services).

Andy is a lifelong Labour Party member and has held virtually every position at both Branch and Constituency level. He currently serves on the Labour Party National Executive on behalf of the CWU since his election to that body in September 2007, and is a member of the National Policy Forum and Prosperity at Work Commission.

On the International front, Andy is a member of the Telecom Committee of the Union Network International (UNI), and a member of the EU Social Dialogue Committee for the Telecoms Sector. He also is a Pension Fund Trustee for both the NCUSSS and the BT Retirement Plan.

Andy was born in Ayrshire in Scotland, where he has lived all his life. Andy has a partner and has two adult children, Matthew and Amanda, and two grandchildren Dylan and Eva.